?Where am I covered?
You can see on your table of benefits the area of cover
?What can I do in case of emergency?
You need to seek for treatment first, show your insurance card to the hospital/clinic, they will call your insurer to get a confirm of payment direct to the hospital/clinic for you.
?Do my insurance plan have direct billing?
Depending on the plan you choose and the insurer you choose.
?How do I file a claim?
- If you have direct billing services with your plan, you just need to show your insurance card to the clinic and they will bill your insurer directly, you just need to sign the bill.
- If there is no direct billing: go to our download section, to download the claim forms, ask your treated doctor to complete his section and attached all copy medical reports, original VAT invoice (for local insurers) and either scan email to the insurer (depending on your insurer) or post the original to the insurer address on the claim form.
?What do I do when I am travelling and need medical advice?
Go back to question "How do I file a claim?". Or call the hotline number at the back of your card for help
?What if I cannot download the claim form while I travel?
You would need to ask your treated doctor to write a full medical report with diagnosis, treatment plan, is this condition pre-existing condition….. as much as information he can write on the medical report will help you to claim easier.
?If the medical treatment available in Vietnam but I want to get treatment outside is it ok?
Depending on the plan you choose.
?What can I do if I want to get treatment outside of Vietnam?
You can contact us for more advise or contact the insurer directly to present your case. The insurer will arrange the guarantee of payment direct to the hospital before you travel for treatment.
?Am I covered when travelling to the USA?
Depending on your area of cover. Contact us in advance to confirm, or we can arrange a travel insurance for you.
?Does my plan cover me when I have an accident and cannot work?
Yes, your plan covers you for medical treatment related to accident. However, it is not covered for salary if you cannot work. To get the salary while you cannot work, you would need to look for an income protection plan. Contact us for more details.